ATMP Corrosion and Scale Inhibition

The scale inhibitor is a reagent capable of dispersing poorly soluble inorganic salts in water and preventing and interfering with precipitation of poorly soluble inorganic salts on the metal surface.

Amino Trimethylene Phosphonic Acid

The scale inhibitor can remove scale, prevent scale formation, improve heat exchange efficiency, reduce electric energy or reduce fuel consumption; water treatment can also reduce sewage discharge and improve water utilization rate, usually saving more than 60%.

A product, the problem that needs attention, the product itself, the choice of raw materials, and their respective characteristics are issues that we must consider.

We must configure scale inhibitors, but we also consider our choices. These materials have no effect on water quality. There are four aspects for us to consider.

ATMP also called amino trimethylene phosphonic acid which is widely used in industry as a corrosion inhibitor and scale inhibitor in boiler water equipment.

The corrosion inhibition performance of ATMP after compounding is greatly improved, and the corrosion inhibition rate is greater than 98%. Anti-fouling performance after ATMP compounding in high-hard water, scale inhibition rate is greater than 90%.

Amino trimethylene phosphonic acid can be used in hot water boilers after compounding and can be used as corrosion inhibitors and scale inhibitors. It has the advantages of less dosage, corrosion inhibition, and good scale inhibition effect.

A corrosion inhibitor is added to the formulation, and the phosphate-free corrosion and scale inhibitor are gradually replaced by phosphate due to toxic or due to a large dose or narrow adaptation range.

In the process of using phosphoric acid, inorganic phosphate is also replaced by an organic phosphonic acid because of its narrow range of use, so current water treatment agents use organic phosphonic acid according to system requirements.

Since low doses of organic phosphoric acid have been widely used, because of the low dose scale and corrosion inhibition is the choice of product, it needs to be based on the needs of the site. Different drugs can be selected according to the needs of different systems.

The choice of scale and corrosion inhibitor is one of the key issues in the entire system. For carbon steel systems, the choice of zinc salt corrosion inhibitors is still one of the best methods under current market conditions.

It can match the phosphate in the drug, reduce the amount of the drug, and increase the price of the product. When the corrosion protection of carbon steel is effective, the dosage (active ingredient) of the product can be 2ppm, which can meet the requirements of national standards.

Scale inhibitor is a very important raw material for our treatment of water. It is necessary for our life, production, work, etc., so we analyzed the configured principles according to the actual situation, let us prevent the configuration of the product. Try not to affect the environment.

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